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#1032059 Evening and weekend buses would be great especially to the hospital. 15 Aug 2021 23:46
#1032058 The Cotford St Luke service is too infrequent at 2hrs. It makes the return journey risky if bus is cancelled.
We use the park and ridebecause of this.
15 Aug 2021 23:38
#1032057 I haven't used the buses during covid because my niece takes me where I need to go, because I have been self isolating , but before covid I used the buses 5 days a week to go into town and back,A lso now I need to get a concessionary bus pass now I am a pensioner. 15 Aug 2021 23:31
#1032048 I live in Rode and travel to Bath to meet friends, usually at the weekend. I would prefer to travel by bus, but they only run at infrequent times, making it awkward. A more regular service (hourly?) and a weekend service would be easier to access.
I work in Bradford on Avon and would love to travel to work by bus, but this is not currently a direct route.
Ideally I would get rid of my car to travel by public transport for a more sustainable lifestyle
15 Aug 2021 22:25
#1032045 Old vehicles poor service need more competition more town coverage esp in burnham 15 Aug 2021 22:11
#1032044 Can some of the buses connect as the buses from BURTON to castle cary do not connect with times of buses going to yeovil you have to wait 1 and half hours for the yeovil bus 15 Aug 2021 22:10
#1032043 They are too expensive and are not frequent enough. If they were cheaper I suspect that it would tempt many more out of their cars. 15 Aug 2021 22:10
#1032039 No buses in the evenings nor are they frequent enough so not a viable alternative to going by car. 15 Aug 2021 22:03
#1032036 Services need to be at least hourly to be useful, and ideally much more often. This needs to include later in the evening. Ticket prices are also very high, even compared to other rural areas. Ticket integration with trains would be useful too, so that one ticket covers getting a bus to the station, as well as the train, and any public transport at the other end 15 Aug 2021 22:00
#1032034 They are infrequent and I need to walk up to the Main Street to catch one. 15 Aug 2021 21:57
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