Crewkerne and Ilminster schools transformation statutory proposals

Thank you for visiting Crewkerne and Ilminster consultation page, the following six documents are available below to download to give you more information about the consultation. To access downloadable links please scroll down the page:

  1. Statutory Proposal Document 27.01.21
  2. 2020 Consultation response document
  3. 2020 Consultation outcome document
  4. Staff FAQ's and HR principles
  5. Outcomes of 2019 consultation
  6. Final class structure projections 

Once you have downloaded and taken the time to review the documents you can give your feedback by clicking on the respond by filling in the questionnaire link below.

Please note: An error in the wording of the questionnaire has meant that some respondents may have incorrectly thought they were restricted to two responses to question 6. If this applies to you and you would like to change your response to the questionnaire, please email the below email address and your response can be amended in our records.

Any further questions or comments can be emailed to our dedicated mailbox:


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